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Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos

Fully customized whiteboard videos captivate your
audience and deliver a powerful message in two minutes or less.

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About Kiteroas

The name “Kiteroas” (Kĭ-TARE-ōs) is inspired by “iteration”
and “chaos,” as both were ubiquitous in the formation
of this company. And, as we soon learned, the
weaving of both impulses deliver
powerful results.

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Meet Our Team

Elisa Latreille
November 05, 2018
Elisa Latreille holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Education. Her teaching career spans three states and several decades, and includes experience in public, private, charter, rural, and city schools. Working with children from all different backgrounds has taught her that the way information is presented is a significant key to growth and understanding. Classrooms may not always have SmartBoards or wall space for visual aids, but there is definitely a whiteboard! read more
Myra Hudson
November 05, 2018
Myra Hudson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Geology. After years in public school systems, and teaching in a private Waldorf school, Myra’s experience bringing art, music, storytelling, and a whole-body connection to life is unparalleled. Myra has also taught art classes and worked in the film industry, from producing a feature-length film to freelance production work. Her experience spans the gamut from storyboarding, script-writing, camera work, art direction, photography, sound recording, and editing. read more