About Us

Kiteroas was founded by two educators who understand the importance of delivering clear, concise messages in the business world, as well as in the classroom.


An experienced teacher is able to distill a complex idea down to its essence, and communicate that idea to a large, easily distracted group. Businesses face similar challenges when conveying ideas to employees, board members, clients, or investors. Their messages, like a great lesson, must be clear, concise, and memorable to deliver results.

The name “Kiteroas” (Kĭ-TARE-ōs) is inspired by “iteration” and “chaos,” as both are necessary to take a leap and move in a new direction. Injecting chaos into an otherwise stable, status-quo situation will shake things up and stimulate change. Iterating on those changes and ideas will then pave the way for growth and development.

Kiteroas prides itself on offering clients state-of-the-art messaging, content, digital marketing, and production in a highly functional manner. Our trained experts know not only how to distill a message, but also how to convey it effectively through a myriad of communications tactics. Our services are customized for every client and designed to have a memorable impact on your target audience.

Management Team

Elisa Latreille

Elisa Latreille holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Education. Her teaching career spans three states and several decades, and includes experience in public, private, charter, rural, and city schools. Working with children from all different backgrounds has taught her that the way information is presented is a significant key to growth and understanding. Classrooms may not always have SmartBoards or wall space for visual aids, but there is definitely a whiteboard! Like many teachers, Elisa relied on the whiteboard to present concepts, ideas, drawings, diagrams, instructions, and everything else necessary for a classroom full of children. She soon found that her students responded better to pictures drawn on the board than to written words. They had a better understanding of the material, remembered more of the information, and had fun guessing what was coming as the images took shape.

As a result of her experience, Elisa founded Kiteroas, using these same skills to provide custom videos, content, and digital marketing services. Kiteroas designs marketing campaigns with authentic programs to increase understanding, lengthen retention time, and keep the audience engaged, just as Elisa did in the classroom.

Myra Hudson

Myra Hudson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Geology. After years in public school systems, and teaching in a private Waldorf school, Myra’s experience bringing art, music, storytelling, and a whole-body connection to life is unparalleled. Myra has also taught art classes and worked in the film industry, from producing a feature-length film to freelance production work. Her experience spans the gamut from storyboarding, script-writing, camera work, art direction, photography, sound recording, and editing. When she isn’t working on Kiteroas’ clients or in film production, Myra is also a portrait and event photographer.

At Kiteroas, Myra works on both the creative and technical aspects of whiteboard animation and video production. From drawing, to camera work, Myra is part of the entire process, bringing continuity and a cohesive style to each project.

We are proud to partner with local Vermont artists to bring our videos to life. Many thanks to Marion Lent, whose talent is showcased in our Kiteroas video as well as several others!