About Kiteroas

We are a (very) small woman-owned business in the hills of central Vermont. We are passionate about supporting our local economy and proudly collaborate with local artists to bring our videos to life.


The name “Kiteroas” (Kĭ-TARE-ōs) is inspired by a mash-up of “iteration” and “chaos,” as both are helpful when you take a leap and move in a new direction. Injecting a little bit of chaos into an otherwise stable situation will shake things up and stimulate change. Iterating on those changes will then pave the way for growth and development.

Distilling a complex idea down to its essence, and then communicating that idea to a large, easily distracted group is not an easy task, but experienced teachers do it every day. Our team is led by two former elementary school teachers who learned through trial-by-fire in the classroom how to use a combination of drawings and words to convey complex ideas in simplified forms.

Businesses face similar challenges when trying to convey ideas to employees, board members, clients, or investors. Their messages, like great lessons, must be clear, concise, and memorable to deliver results. Our services are customized for YOU and designed to have a memorable impact on your target audience!


With a teaching career that includes experience in public, private, charter, rural, and city schools, Elisa has worked with children all over the country and knows that presenting information clearly is key to growth and understanding. She often utilized the whiteboard to present concepts, ideas, drawings, diagrams, and instructions in the classroom. Over time, she found that students responded better to pictures drawn on the board than to written words. The kids had a better understanding of the material, remembered more of the information, and had fun predicting what would come next as the images took shape. Elisa eventually founded Kiteroas and uses these same skills to create custom videos to present, explain, and showcase key ideas for her clients.


After years of teaching in public schools as well as in a private Waldorf school, Myra’s experience bringing art, music, storytelling, and a whole-body connection to life is unparalleled. Myra has also taught art classes and worked in the film industry, from producing a feature-length film to freelance production work. Her experience spans the gamut from storyboarding, scriptwriting, camera work, art direction, photography, sound recording, and editing. Myra is also a portrait and event photographer. At Kiteroas, Myra works on both the creative and technical aspects of whiteboard animation and video production. From drawing to camera work, Myra is part of the entire process, bringing continuity and a cohesive style to each project.


Marion is a local artist based here in central Vermont. From children’s books to educational materials to mixed-media sculptures, Marion’s talent and creative passion is evident in all she does. Her attention to detail, character development, and colorful illustrations create endearing stories and leave lasting impressions. Check out The Kiteroas Process, Recycle Right, and the TWS videos to see Marion’s whimsical style and artistic genius come to life!


As the resident Pawject Manager, Bella takes her job very seriously. She fills our office and studio with love, greets people at the door, provides ample opportunities for cuddles, and reminds us all to take breaks, get outside, and play!

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