Communicating With Your Audience… Now and Later

 “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky

 What makes a brand stand the test of time? Since its conception, Apple has continued to be at the forefront of technology innovation. Why, we may ask? What has Apple done right with its messaging? And how has it managed to stay relevant after all of these years? At the heart of the Apple brand are several core values. For one, experience is everything. Unlike the traditional retail environment, Apple’s store transcends every sense of the word, favoring human experience over hard selling. Another significant value is that of simplicity. The message of minimalism becomes instantly clear as consumers grow with the brand. From the simple logo, to the sleek white packaging, and even online ads, minimalism speaks the loudest for the Apple brand. Now it is time to ask yourself, what makes your voice unique? What quality or experience is inherent in the design of your brand? Lastly, how would you like for your brand to be remembered?

Establishing Brand Voice

Planning for the unforeseeable future can certainly sound daunting. Although, it all starts with just one step. Cultivating brand voice creates the very foundation for everything your brand will ever say, from the stage of a conference to an online ad, to a social media post. Developing brand voice can be as simple as finding the three words you would use to describe your brand. For example, you may discover words like…

  • Quirky
  • Snarky
  • Knowledgeable
  • Funny
  • Helpful
  • Sincere

Defining your brand in simple terms is a great place to start identifying your overall communication style. Delving deeper into brand identity, you can’t forget to look outside of yourself as well. You must ask yourself, what are my competitors saying and how are they saying it? The reality is, if you sound the exact same as everyone else, you will appear just like everyone else. Luckily, having a distinct voice is the perfect way to differentiate your brand and even create a lasting impression. Take Old Spice, for example. We’ve all seen those wacky commercials that make us feel like we are watching anything but a deodorant commercial. Continuing to push the envelope, the brand’s eccentric personality is what ultimately makes Old Spice a brand to remember.

 Maintaining Consistent Voice

While your brand may not have the viral potential, nor the type of spunk that defines the Old Spice brand, your voice deserves to be heard. It is up to you to find that human aspect and the persona that will speak to your target audience in the most engaging ways possible. The thing that separates connection from basic information is really personality. Let your consumers see your brand for its unique charm and never shy away from a conversation.

Every time you upload a video, engage on social media or post on LinkedIn, for example, you are having a conversation with your audience. Remember to be consistent and responsive. According to a report completed by Oracle, 43% of social media users choose to interact with brands in order to receive a response to a question or issue. This is an opportunity to build those real conversations and communicate real value to your audience.

Never Stop Telling Stories

People thrive on stories. Through story, we become emotionally charged, inspired, and interconnected. We begin to see ourselves in others and are compelled to build lasting connections. As a brand, you must never stop telling stories. You must continue to share content that engages, empowers, and provides value. You must invite others in and speak your (brand’s) truth at all times. Here at Kiteroas, we help you find your most authentic voice and share those stories that communicate the true essence of your brand.