We contracted with Kiteroas to capture our company’s capabilities and vison after seeing their product on a fellow company’s site.  I sent a draft script and specific topics we felt were essential to convey in this ” visual elevator speech” that the Kiteroas team quickly presented in a first draft. We made a few tweaks with their professional guidance  and the final product was exactly what we hoped for. Their intuitiveness and ability to synthesize into a 90 seconds what we thought was at least a 10 minute presentation was nothing short of phenomenal. They packed an amazing amount of information into a short, well-constructed visual presentation that tells a cogent story of our capabilities. They are a very talented group!

John B. Robinson

Chief Operating Officer , Phantom Eagle LLC

We needed a simple way to explain a complex service. Kiteroas was the answer we were looking for. They were wonderful at grasping our service, putting it in a clean, clear, logical and effective message with pictures that anyone could understand. Kiteroas used their expertise to make this process extremely smooth, met all timelines and overall were a pleasure to work with.

Marsha Fye


“Kiteroas worked with our company to refine our message.  They created solid and creative videos that helped launch and promote our services with clarity, brevity and originality.  They also reworked our original videos as necessary when we made changes to our branding and message.  Their team is great to work with and we highly recommend.”

Nate Shea

SecureStrux, LLC