The Kiteroas Process

Whiteboard Video Process

  1. First, we talk with you! You give us your overview or sales pitch and we will listen, record, ask questions, and take notes to develop a better understanding of your intent.
  2. We will then condense this information and write a script. This takes some time and several iterations to organize, write, and re-write.
  3. You have an opportunity to review the script. At this point, you may offer suggestions or changes to modify, add, or delete parts of the script. We want to ensure the message is clear and you are happy with it!
  4. Once the script has been finalized, our team will go into our “Khaos” process. We will brainstorm, make mind maps, do storyboard sketches, and generally make a huge creative mess. Eventually we sort the ideas and develop sketches to go along with each portion of the script. This becomes the preliminary storyboard.
  5. You can review the storyboard. We discuss any changes or modifications to be made, and we will iterate again.
  6. Production begins once the storyboard has been approved. Production includes all whiteboard filming and audio recording.
  7. Post-Production: All audio and video files must be edited, spliced, adjusted, and timed to create the final product.
  8. Delivery: The moment you’ve been waiting for!

The process is both quick and easy for you, allowing you (and your audience) to focus on your amazing content!