Video, video, video! By now, we don’t have to tell you how important video is today. It’s the quickest way to humanize your brand and build trust among your public. It speaks volumes and if you are yet to hop on the branded video bandwagon, you’d better get started. According to a whitepaper by Cisco, the video will account for 75% of all mobile traffic by 2020. But perhaps that’s just the problem, traffic. As more and more brands swarm the Internet with new content and new ways of getting their message across, it becomes more and more difficult for your own brand to be heard. But as with all traffic, there are a set of guidelines and ‘road signs’ that you may follow to get to your final destination. Here are ten different ways to help you get there.

  1. Let Your Personality Shine

Video is an effective strategy largely because it puts a face and an identity to your brand. It’s simple; people want to get involved with brands and people that they like. A branded video can be a great way to introduce yourself in a sense and show the human qualities and values that people can personally connect with.

  1. Find ‘Yourself

According to PostFunnel, there are 12 different personality types that a brand might have. By cultivating this sense of self, brands can inject more character into their messaging and build the kind of iconography needed to leave those hum drum competitors in the dust. A company like Victoria’s Secret would be an example of the Lover archetype, the type captivated by glamour, aesthetics, and the desire to be wanted. The goal of this personality type is to build intimate connections and as a brand, it strives to do so through premium experiences. The Explorer archetype wishes to instead discover new things, to tackle experiences for self-fulfillment and to live independently. A company such as North Face embodies this kind of personality. When it comes to your own brand, the important thing is to discover what it is you stand for.

  1. Create How-Tos

One of the best ways to build trust among your target audience is to provide information that is helpful and valuable to them. How-to videos allow you to do just that while providing the space for you to amplify your brand.

  1. Remember SEO

We tend to think of Search Engine Optimization when we are developing written content. Although, it is important to remember SEO with video content as well. Include frequently searched keywords in your title, in your descriptions and your metatags to make your video easily accessible and to increase your chances of being seen.

  1. Reiterate Your Best Ideas

Video can be a great way to repurpose previous blog posts and other content that performed really well in the past. By putting it in a video, you may reiterate the benefits of your product or service and find new audiences along the way.

  1. Get Social 

Between 2016 and 2017, views of video content increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. A video tweet is six times more likely to be retweeted than a photo post as well. Video is booming on social media and you’d be at a great loss to not harness that kind of power.

  1. Find the Space

 Social media isn’t the only place for a great video. Be sure to keep other avenues in mind to bring a whole new dimension to your website. Incorporate video on your Home Page to introduce your brand in a more human tone. Use your About Page to elaborate on the intention behind your business. What made you start in the first place? How has your brand evolved from the beginning to where it is now? This is how you ultimately inspire your audience.

  1. Show it Off

Show off your products with a sleek and engaging video on your Products and Services Page. Showcase behind-the-scenes footage of your products being crafted by hand or put your latest events on display with an Events Highlight Reel. There are more opportunities for video than you’d think. Uncover which areas of your website could use a little oomph and lights, camera, action!

  1. Start Your Own Series

To build consistency and viewership, it can be helpful to launch your own digital series, much like a TV show you follow from week to week. You might decide to launch a weekly video workshop or weekly tutorials to keep your consumers coming back for more.

  1. Go Professional

The only thing more effective than a marketing video is a marketing video done well. Investing in a high-quality video is a decision that will pay off in ROI, sparking conversations and building tremendous credibility for your brand. And when the time comes, our team of professionals will be here to make your video stand out.