Log onto any social media platform these days and you will see a common theme: video. Videos are ubiquitous, and it all comes down to audience engagement. For marketers, the video serves as a quick and easy way to speak to consumers in a conversational way. For users, video is accessible, engaging, and easy to consume. Did you know that by the end of 2019, Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic across the world? Using video, you’ll be ready to speak your truth and reach your target audience in the most effective format out there.

Why Video?

Unlike written content that can feel scripted and contrived, video content has a way of expressing your brand in an authentic way. It becomes less about selling and more about really having a conversation with your consumers. Connecting on a more personal level helps build impressionable trust among your audience. It is also important to note that companies that utilize video content showcase 41% more website traffic. It’s time to get your message out there and prepare to be seen.

Find Your Consumer

One of the greatest mistakes that marketers make these days is having a broad reach. The truth is, when you try to please everyone, you end up losing sight of yourself and your brand. As you begin to think about video content, you must first think in terms of your ideal consumer. What type of media do they consume? What do they struggle with? What do they wish to achieve? This first story will create a more compelling story later on. Finding your consumer also means finding where your consumer typically spends their time. This information often comes down to simple age demographics. While millennial audiences enjoy the aesthetics and visual engagement of a platform like Instagram, older generations often prefer Facebook or YouTube. Knowing your audience helps to determine what kind of video will be most relevant and how you may choose to share content to achieve your goals.

Leverage Social Insights

Much like the video, social media is prime in our digitally driven and content-hungry world. When it comes to targeting your audience, look no further than social media to find the buzzworthy topics, hashtags, and content that are already of interest to your public. You might just find your inspiration!

“I think marketers are very message-focused. They know what they want people to hear. They have to work backwards from there to figure out how to make that happen. What they should do is to find the thing that’s unique or interesting that captures people’s attention. Figure out what that thing is; don’t worry about the message right now. Just find the interesting part, and then figure out how to link that to the message.” – Andy Weir

Seek Expertise

In the burgeoning space of video content, it isn’t enough to produce a branded video. Sure, anyone with a Smartphone can become their own content creator, but it is quality that will speak volumes in the noise of video content today.  Not only will a video agency enhance quality and support your business throughout production, but it will also support the creative conception of your message. Guiding the creative process, an agency will help to ensure that your story speaks to the right people in the right ways. Here at Kiteroas, it is our mission to hear your story and render your message as captivating as possible. Check out our Whiteboard Videos to learn more about sharing your story!