Whiteboard Videos

Kiteroas designs and creates custom whiteboard videos to showcase your product or services. Whether you need an explainer video or a specific advertisement, we work with you to create the most effective video for your needs.

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Here’s How Our Process Works:

  • Pitch: First, we talk with you!  You provide us with an overview or sales pitch and we listen, record, ask questions, and take ample notes to develop a better understanding of your intent and your desired messaging.
  • Script: Kiteroas then condenses this information and creates a custom script. Feel free to offer suggestions or changes, or to modify the script, as appropriate. We want to ensure your message is clear and you are happy with it!
  • Storyboard: Once the script has been finalized, our team will storyboard. We sort ideas and develop sketches to go along with each portion of the script. You review the preliminary storyboard, and we discuss any modifications before finalizing it. This is the last step before we go into production.
  • Production: Production begins once the storyboard has been approved. It includes all drawing, filming, and audio recording. All audio and video files must be edited, spliced, adjusted, and timed to create the final product.
  • Delivery: Your video is complete! It’s now time to sit back and share your video!