Whiteboard Videos

Kiteroas designs and creates custom whiteboard videos to showcase your product or services. Whether you need an explainer video or a specific advertisement, we work with you to create the most effective video for your needs.

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Here’s How Our Process Works:

Information Gathering Session: We will speak with you to clarify our understanding of your company and your intent for this video.

Design Concept: We will take the information from our meeting to design a concept that conveys your message. Upon your approval, we will create your storyboard.

Review Storyboard: We want to ensure that you are happy with the message, wording, and tone that we have designed for your video. Does the storyboard effectively convey your intent? Is the information accurate?

Video Creation: After the storyboard is approved, we will go into the production phase to create your video.

Delivery: You will receive digital copies of the video, exported in several formats for optimal viewing.